Hello? Is it me you've been looking for?

Well, its been a long time since I updated this thing. Being twenty-six and looking back at the stuff I have written. Holy cow, I have come along way since then. I'm not as angry I promise. Although I don't remember being so angry then. So that is weird. I would like to keep a steady journal going however. I always want to do this but then I never end up writing anything. So hopefully me coming back to this page will motive me to update more. Its a good thing too. If I hadn't written out all my anger and what not on here I wouldn't have anything to show how far I came from.

I'm thinking some changes need to be made on here however. I need to update my profile and change all my icons. Now that I am older and have become a respectable young lady (haha or not) I've found new hobbies and new love. I've matured (not really) but there's a lot in my life now. There is so much to say and I hope I will have the time to type it all out.

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billie joe is the way you luff me

hello?? anybody out there? I know its been awhile since i last updated. i last looked and it said 83 weeks? Sad. But it is a new year 2010. so i was thinking this year maybe i can get this old journal updated again eh? why the freak not right? hahaha...oh man like around last week i went on to pantaloon forum and it bought back some major memories. It made me miss the things i used to do. make icons and siggys and go crazy for hours over them. chit chat with other fans. i miss that. hahaha...anyways. its a bit late and i think i'm going ot head off for bed and i'll think about coming back here again. i wish i still had friends on here....
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some bad news

okay so i downloaded msn on my new computer but for some odd reason it didn't bring my
contacts with i have NOBODY e-mails. so i'm just on messenger bored.
so be a pal and add me ^_^


(no subject)

well, ello ello my friends!
guess who got a new e-mail!!

please write to me so i can save you sluts in my
address book.

its is.......

please please be my friend ^_^
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billie joe is the way you luff me

i'm rising from the dead my dear.

Ello to everyone....who still has live journal....thats if they didnt leave to myspace...even though i have one myself *giggles*
wow its been a LONG time but guess what i'm getting a new computer
within a week or yeah i'm excited. i will be on more now! *evil laughs*

i dont know if anybody remembers me...*sighs*..should i make a new livejournal?
maybe? ummm i dont know i should huh? i dont even go to the community that i join and i dont remember what i join. i should...yesh i should...
i can't wait! where i can make my own i icons and such blah blah lol
so. tell me how is everybody?

oh and i'm also attending school again. which thats where am at heheh.
i'm soo cool.

peace dudes

ps i miss you guys
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